Include disability. Create belonging.

Equip your congregation to flourish as one body.

Apply our easy-to-implement training so that in your church, no one is left out.

“To take Genesis 1 image bearing, Corinthians body metaphor, and Revelations ultimate culmination of all people together seriously, it demands true unity now. We are to be now who we will be then. Without including people with disabilities in our local churches, we will never be all that God is welcoming us to be. With all people worshiping together, we begin to look like the bride we’re becoming.”
Nika Spaulding
St. Jude, Dallas

Help churches across the United States include disability

Too many people with disabilities are not experiencing the embrace of a faith community. Together, we can change that.

Friendship Groups

Mutual and Meaningful Biblical Friendships

Want to launch a Friendship Group in your community? We are ready to equip you with resources and training to help get you started!


A comprehensive curriculum proven to transform churches

Through short videos, discussion questions, and interactive exercises, your church can begin to create communities where those with and without disabilities can truly be with each other.

We’re here to create belonging, and it’s working!

“We count on this team for guidance, wisdom and advice. As a Christian and a pastor, my hope is that people with disabilities will be seen: belonging fully to the fellowship of Christians, our joy made complete.”
– Clayton
in Michigan
“There is so much to do and we are thankful knowing that we have you all as resources for us.”
– Darleen
in Washington
“We completed our first 8-week ‘Together Belonging’ study. It is truly ‘with’ each other. We learned from each other and grew in our journeys; the relationships that we’ve built have been rich.”
– Diane
in New York
“Que Dios siga bendiciendo ese ministerio y me encantaría seguir dándole amor a todos esos” (“May God continue to bless this ministry and I would love to continue giving love to all involved”)
– Mily
in Cuba
“We are passionate about making the Gospel accessible for people with disabilities, like our adult children. We want to support what this ministry is doing in a way that encourages others to add their support also.”
– William
in Michigan
“Every time I look again at what this ministry is doing, I get excited about partnering in this work.”
– Erik
in Texas
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