Frequently Asked Questions

We really don’t have many (or any) people with disabilities in my church. Why should we engage in this conversation?

1 out of every 4 people have a disability. Why might your church not reflect that? It may be that there are people with disabilities in your congregation that you haven’t met, or considered. Perhaps their disabilities keep them home but they worship with you online. Perhaps people with disabilities don’t come to your church because they haven’t been invited or welcomed. If your congregation does not include at least 25% of people with disabilities, your local community is not well represented. We can help you widen the welcome so that your community participates in your church!

Will this be one more ministry that I’ll have to staff?

No, with our training, your staff and congregants will be equipped to create belonging with people of all abilities in all of your current ministries. Imagine: Your children’s ministry can be prepared to support a child with Down syndrome, spina bifida or a learning disability. Your youth ministry can be equipped for tweens and teens, including those with autism, cerebral palsy, or ADHD to thrive. Your men’s, women’s, and seniors’ ministries can create belonging with adults with intellectual disabilities, low vision, hearing, or mobility. Your ministries, flourishing.

What’s a good first step for my church?

We think subscribing to Access is the best place to start! Not only is it affordable at $15/month, but it provides you with some of our best resources, webinars, and equipping opportunities with our staff!

What is a Friendship Group?

Friendship Groups provide a context where young adults with intellectual disabilities can grow spiritually and where meaningful relationships are formed. Friendship groups gather weekly, biweekly, or monthly to study God’s word and enjoy building mutual friendships. We have everything you need to get equipped to start a Friendship group today!

How does With Ministries provide support for my ministry?

We have experience training (on site or online), coaching, and numerous books on inclusive best practices – in English and Spanish. Our Together curriculum is designed for Bible studies with people of all abilities and is created using principles of universal design for learning. Additionally, our team comes alongside church partners in prayer and creating community connections with others in a posture of withness.

What is the Together curriculum all about?

We believe our curriculum is the best out there for adults with and without disability to study God’s word together! Our Together curriculum comes with user-friendly on-demand content, short video clips , interspersed discussion questions, visual and dramatic Bible passage presentations, and challenging and interactive exercises. Our $35/month subscription includes regular updates to content with easy-to-follow weekly, biweekly and monthly plans that follow the liturgical calendar. We really have thought of everything!