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Nurturing Children Learning Community

December 12, 2023

Your church is invited to join a learning community.

Worship As One: Learning with Children with Disabilities About Worship & Prayer

June 2024- June 2026
(Additional cohorts may be added next year)

  • visit your church to learn more about your worship practices and meet your team
  • provide a Worship As One Toolkit of resources • personalized design practices
  • facilitate shared learning through a book study
  • convene churches for quarterly online cohort check-in meetings
  • return for a concluding site visit
  • establishing a core reflection team of 4 people
    • one pastoral staff
    • children’s ministry leader
    • parent of a child with disabilities
    • other church member with relevant experience (e.g., disability ministry leader, special educator)
  • meeting regularly with us for 8 quarterly check-ins
  • experimenting with new worship and prayer practices
  • sharing insights as part of a learning community
  • praying for this work

Consider joining us as we learn to worship as one.

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