Worship As One:

Varied Abilities in the Body of Christ

Pastors and ministry leaders need a holistic framework for welcoming children and adults of all abilities—an approach that is rooted deeply in theology, applicable within every congregational size, denomination, and context, and practical enough to begin tomorrow.

Accessible Gospel, Inclusive Worship

Written by Barbara J. Newman with contributions by Betty Grit. Looking for some practical ideas on Faith Formation in relationship to persons with disabilities? This book provides many ideas for creating an environment where you can introduce the good news of Jesus Christ to a family member or church friend with an Intellectual Disability or Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Devotions for Today

52 one-sentence devotions with pictures to lift the spirit, simply. Ideal for persons with dementia or intellectual disability to grow in their faith through daily Scripture reflection and prayer in a simple format paired with a vibrant picture. From the Together Bible study curriculum by With Ministries.

With Friendship Manual

This guide is designed for leaders to engage in Friendship With: Bible study groups, often called Friendship Groups. These are formed with adults and teens who have intellectual and developmental disabilities. Here, everyone can experience peer relationships and faith formation. These relationships help foster full inclusion in the life of the church– on Sunday mornings and beyond.